Indiana Land Resources Council has been reinstated

June 21st, 2006

The Muncie Star Press is reporting that Gov. Daniels will be “re-populating” the Indiana Land Resources Council sometime in August of this year:

The state will re-establish the Indiana Land Resources Council (ILRC) and take other steps to preserve Indiana’s farm land, including drafting a model zoning ordinance for local governments.

Sarah Simpson, manager of regulatory affairs for the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), announced the administration’s plans to save farm land during a recent videoconference broadcast to 25 locations throughout Indiana.

The Governor effectively dissolved the board in January of 2005 by asking for the resignations of its staff and members just before it was to present recommendations on planning policy to Lt. Governor Skillman.

In 1999, the Legislature established the Council (IC 15-7-9) to study and make recommendations on land use and planning issues. After it was dissolved, I introduced legislation to establish a new “Growth and Development Task Force” (HB 1242) to re-establish a working group in this important field. HB 1242 did not pass, but its goals included making several policy recommendations that could be picked up by the ILRC:

(1) Ensuring a process for making development decisions that are predictable, fair, and cost effective.
(2) Establishing ways to direct development toward existing communities and existing infrastructure.
(3) Integrating fiscal, transportation, energy, and environmental policies with land use planning.
(4) Encouraging the preservation of farmland, open space, and critical environmental areas.

I hope the new ILRC looks to an integrated planning approach that not only creates quality development, but also helps keep taxes down by fully utilizing our existing infrastructure.

The initial comments on the goals of the new ILRC are encouraging:

“We have some exciting objectives for the council, (including) state incentives … and providing a model ordinance and land-use tools to local government,” Simpson said. “We have a very aggressive initiative for that council when they are reconvened.”

Indiana needs a land-use strategy because the rapid loss of prime agricultural land to development compromises the future ability to feed the nation; reduces open space, wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge; creates rural-suburban conflicts; and requires the costly extension of roads, sewers and other infrastructure, Simpson said.

I look forward to following the Council’s progress. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the ILRC or land use policy in general.

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  • 1. Citizen who is sick of my rights and health being compromised  |  January 9th, 2007 at

    So I guess your answer to all of your agricultural problems would be a CAFO? All the developing residential areas would far more ruin the ground water than “Factory Farms”, who leave our lakes, rivers and streams completely dead? You are choosing FOOD OVER PEOPLE, but are so blind not to see it?

  • 2. Ryan  |  January 15th, 2007 at

    Actually, my interest in land use planning is to prevent wasteful and harmful development, and allow citizens the right to be actively involved in planning how they want their communities to evolve. The status quo costs us too much in tax dollars, creates too much pollution, and uses too much energy. I think we’re on the same side.

  • 3. Tom Brown  |  January 18th, 2007 at

    1. Who are the new ILRC members?
    2. When were they appointed?
    3. Who appointed them?
    4. Why is Gov. Daniels revitalizing the Council after suspending it?
    5. How can I contact the ILRC?

  • 4. Ryan Dvorak  |  January 21st, 2007 at

    I’m pretty unclear on the details for the ILRC these days myself. The only person that I know to be a member currently is Prof. Eric Kelly at Ball State, so you might be able to contact the Council through him. The IN Dept. of Agriculture might also have information, but they’ve taken down the ILRC’s old webpage. You can access the web archive of the old site here:

    The statutory authorization for the ILRC can be found at IC 15-7-9.

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