Governor still taking pot shots

March 31st, 2006

I was not quite sure what to make of Governor Daniels’ comments in this Evansville Courier and Press story on the Toll Road debate:

Daniels, who wore an I-69 pin in his left lapel, said Tuesday he had heard “tales of Democrats with tears in their eyes who would like to have had a chance to vote for (Major Moves).”

The governor said Democrats who dared to support Major Moves faced the prospect of being “last on the parking lot committee.”

I am not even sure what “last on the parking lot committee” means, and I was even more confused by this statement:

“They weren’t against this thing because it wouldn’t work,” Daniels said. “They were against this because it will work.”

I guess he best sums up his feelings here:

“I don’t honestly think these were serious objections (by Democratic legislators),” the governor told the Courier & Press. “They were in a tough spot. Their political leadership had ordered them to stay in line, and they did. They had to find some reasons for it.”

I couldn’t decide whether to get angry at the Governor’s dismissive remarks or simply laugh them off.

The notion that the House Democratic caucus can be “held in line” on anything is definitely amusing. In our caucus meetings people argue, laugh, fret, and even occasionally storm out – but the Golden Rule of the Democratic caucus is that each member should always make their decisions based upon what is best for their district.

The Governor’s implication that my colleagues march to the orders of anyone other than the people who elected them is, frankly, insulting.

But what makes me laugh about this, rather than get angry, is the fact that the people of Indiana have seen through this type of talk. The facts are plain, and the voters know that “Major Moves” is a bad deal for Indiana. The popular outcry has even made national and international news. (The Slate story, Lost Highway: The foolish plan to sell American toll roads to foreign companies, is the latest to discuss the debate in Indiana. [via TDW])

In the end, I take comfort in the fact that I and the rest of the House Democratic caucus voted the way our constituents wanted us to vote – and the Governor knows it.

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