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The start of a new session and HB 1104

gavelThe House of Representatives convenes tomorrow for the start of the second regular session of the 114th Indiana General Assembly.

Two new members will be sworn in at 11am. Carlene Bottorff will be replacing her late husband, Jim Bottorff, and Dennis Tyler will be replacing the late Tiny Adams. Jim and Tiny passed away last month and will be greatly missed.

The first bill I have filed for the session is HB 1104 (not yet online, but initial draft is available here). The bill would remove from office any elected official who is more than $15,000 behind in child support payments.

Under current law, office-holders can be removed from office as a result of impeachment, felony conviction, various federal offenses (including draft-dodging and sedition), and even for “voluntary intoxication.”

Parents who fail to pay child support in other professions already face the potential penalties of losing their professional licenses, and even their driving licenses. Our elected representatives in government should face the same harsh results.

Elected officials who have failed to meet their obligations to their children have betrayed the public trust and have not lived up to their moral and legal duties. It is inappropriate for such individuals to be entrusted with taxpayer funds and the administration of laws.

The official press release on the legislation is available here.

I have four more bills that will be filed in the coming days, and I will post more about them when they are ready. I look forward to covering developments in the General Assembly this year, and welcome any feedback, comments, or questions.

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