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Visit to Swanson Highlands School

just a billEvery year, the National Conference of State Legislators sponsors the “America’s Legislators Back to School Program.” In an effort to help educate our students on civics and Indiana government, I participate in the program by visiting fourth-grade classrooms in my district. Indiana fourth-graders spend the year learning about Indiana history and government, so it is a good time to talk with them.

I recently visited Swanson Highlands Elementary School to talk with several classes about my job as a legislator, and how a bill becomes a law in Indiana.

swanson highlands

On this visit, I divided the group into a “House of Representatives” and a “Senate,” and let them pick a bill to move through the process. They decided on legislation requiring mandatory recess for all grade levels.

After several amendments in both chambers, and a divisive conference committee on whether recess should be mandatory for high school (or even college), the bill died in a close vote on the conference committee report in the Senate. There was a strong Senate faction that felt the whole issue was just “stupid.”

The State Legislature operates an active outreach program for students – offering tours for school groups, and an active page program. If you know of a school group that might be visiting the Capitol, or have a child who would like to serve as a page, please feel free to let me know.

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