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Commission on Courts - September 2005 Meeting

Last Friday, September 16th, the Commission on Courts met in the Statehouse to consider several issues.

First on the agenda was a report on the 2004 Weighted Caseload study. The Weighted Caseload Study began in 1993 as a way to measure objectively the trial court caseloads across the Indiana. The first report was generated in 1997, and annual follow-ups have been produced ever since.

This is an important tool for the Legislature to use as we consider which counties have the greatest need for new courts, balanced against the limited resources available.

The 2004 study is not yet online, but you can access past reports and more information through the Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration.

Next, the Commission heard testimony from Judges and elected officials from Jackson County who were petitioning for a recommendation to the Legislature for an additional court of general jurisdiction. Jackson County ranks sixth in need on the 2004 Caseload study and made a compelling case for an additional court.

Finally, Judge Lew Gregory of the Greenwood City Court provided testimony on his proposal for legislation to allow some qualified city and town courts to become “municipal” courts of record. In support of his proposed new designation, he cited current abuses of the trial de novo rules, the potential for new “municipal” courts to relieve overly-burdened counties, and the expansion of petitions for post-conviction relief.

The Commission will vote on the cumulative recommendations from all hearings at the final meeting of the year.

For information on all Interim Study Committees, click here.

September 20th, 2005


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